About the Association

About ACTN

The role of the treasury profession has evolved rapidly over the last ten years. In addition to the basics of banking relationships and cash management, treasury managers have to inform themselves about developments in electronic payment systems, e-commerce, risk management and relevant SWs for modelling and evaluating risks, credit management, accounting standards, tax optimizations and a variety of other issues. More than ever, treasury practitioners also have to participate with other managers to co-ordinate the flow of financial information throughout an organization. Thus, the need for a platform to promote education and capacity building for the Treasury profession as well as to advocate at the highest levels to influence policy and regulation from the perspective of the Nigerian Corporates.

The Association of Corporate Treasurers of Nigeria (ACTN) was incorporated in August 2014, as an Association Limited by Guarantee (LTD/GTE) to foster the interests of Corporate Treasurers of the non- financial organizations by providing a platform for policy advocacy, discussions on issues of mutual interest, education and standard development of the corporate treasury function. The ACTN also facilitates the exchange of information beneficial to the management of corporate treasury operations and the professional development of its members.

In the current business landscape, the importance of treasury management really can’t be understated. With the ever-increasing pace of change in regulation, compliance and technology in the financial sector, the Corporate Treasury function is increasingly becoming a strategic business partner across all areas of the business, adding value to the operating divisions of the company – taking-on responsibility of strategic money management in order to meet the financial goals of the business. The ACTN is therefore needed to provide a meeting forum for all treasury, finance and risk management practitioners within the non-financial sector.


ACTN has the mission of creating value for organisations and the Nigerian economy through: advocacy, standards development, education and enlightenment.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation - Value add
  • Excellence

Value Propositions

The ACTN is positioned to support and provide the following propositions for its members and other stakeholders:

  • To be a trusted and reliable thought-partner on policies and policy impact
  • To be a source of useful aggregated insight into cash management issues, needs and reactions
  • Deepening knowledge and skills of the treasury function
  • Increase breadth and depth of products for corporate treasury
  • Improving the financial regulatory environment for corporates
  • Up-skilling (identifying business improvement levers; improving liquidity position)

The objectives of the Association :

  • To provide a meeting forum for all treasury, finance and risk management practitioners within the non-financial sector.
  • To encourage and promote the standard practice of corporate treasury management, promote and advance the level of professionalism in the profession, conduct standard corporate treasury management and public image, promote research and offer corporate treasury services and information to professionals and or members, and to publish proceedings, reports, studies, papers, journals, periodicals and other materials.
  • To encourage the standards and conduct of those engaged in corporate treasury management, promote the public image and standing of corporate treasury management as a profession and its practitioners, offer advocacy platform in matters of interest to members and users of financial market products and treasury management.
  • To collaborate with the government and other regulatory bodies in formulating applicable policies, establish funds for the maintenance and promotion of research into key areas of corporate treasury, and to encourage and establish dialogue among treasury, risk management and corporate finance practitioners through periodic journals, regular workshops and presentations on relevant subjects.



  • Foreign Exchange and Financial Markets
  • Exposures (hedging, forward purchases)
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Credit Management


  • Cash forecasting and pooling
  • Cash handling and transmission
  • Cash Management & banking systems
  • Managing banking relationships
  • International cash management


  • Funding policies and procedures
  • Types of funding (debt vs. equity)
  • Export and trade finance
  • Capital structure and investment returns
  • Risk return and the cost of capital


  • Investment decision making
  • Shareholder value
  • Tax and its implications to Treasury

Applying for Membership

To apply for ACTN Membership, simply download the membership application forms, complete the appropriate category of membership registration form and scan it to info@actn.org.ng or complete the online membership application form (Corporate or Individual) and submit same after payment of the appropriate registration and annual membership fees as indicated in the forms. All evidence of cheque or cash payments should be scanned to info@actn.org.ng

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