THEME: Policy Implications & Building Sustainable Treasury Strategies: Nigerian Perspectives on Tackling Inflation and Interest Rate Uncertainty

The Treasury360 conference and exhibition is an annual event hosted by the Association of Corporate Treasurers of Nigeria (ACTN), bringing together industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners in the field of corporate treasury. With the theme “Policy Implications & Building Sustainable Treasury Strategies: Nigerian Perspectives on Tackling Inflation and Interest Rate Uncertainty,” the event aims to address critical challenges faced by treasury professionals in navigating the dynamic economic landscape of Nigeria.

The Treasury360 conference and exhibition serve as a platform for treasury professionals to exchange insights, strategies, and best practices in corporate finance and treasury management. Through keynote presentations, panel discussions, and networking sessions, participants gain valuable knowledge and skills to enhance their treasury functions and contribute to organisational growth and stability.

Key Themes:

Policy Implications:
Building Sustainable Treasury Strategies:
Tackling Inflation and Interest Rate Uncertainty:

The event delves into the implications of government policies on treasury functions, particularly in managing inflation and interest rate uncertainty. Experts analyze the impact of regulatory changes and economic policies on corporate finance and offer strategic insights for treasury professionals to adapt and thrive in a changing policy environment.

With a focus on Nigerian perspectives, the conference explores innovative approaches to building robust and sustainable treasury strategies. Speakers share practical techniques for mitigating risks, optimizing cash management, and ensuring financial stability amid economic volatility and uncertainty.

Treasury360 provides a comprehensive understanding of inflationary pressures and interest rate fluctuations in the Nigerian market. Participants learn how to proactively manage inflation risks, hedge against interest rate volatility, and capitalize on market opportunities to drive organizational growth and resilience.

Networking Opportunities:

Attendees have the chance to network with peers, industry leaders, and solution providers, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and business partnerships. Overall, the Treasury360 conference and exhibition provide a dynamic platform for treasury professionals to stay abreast of emerging trends, gain valuable insights, and foster innovation in corporate treasury management, ultimately driving sustainable growth and success in the Nigerian financial landscape.

This event also provides unrivalled access to treasurers from multiple business sectors who are C-level executives, allowing our clients to achieve their business development goals in one location. The first edition of the Treasury360 Conference and Exhibition was held on Thursday, November 17, 2022, at the Muson Centre – 8/9, Marina Road, Onikan, Lagos, with the theme: Getting Through the Uncertainties of Supply Chain Disruption, Currency Volatility, and Inflation.


Unlock the Future of Treasury Management
Discover unparalleled opportunities to elevate your treasury management skills and stay ahead in today’s dynamic financial landscape by attending the Treasury360 conference and exhibition.

Gain Strategic Insights
Access cutting-edge knowledge and strategic insights from industry leaders, policymakers, and subject matter experts on critical issues shaping the future of Treasury management.

Networking Opportunities
Connect with a diverse community of treasury professionals, finance executives, and thought leaders from leading organisations across Nigeria and beyond.

Stay Updated on Technology
Explore the latest innovations and technological solutions transforming treasury operations. Discover cutting-edge fintech solutions, treasury management systems, and digital tools designed to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance decision-making in treasury functions.

Professional Development
Participate in interactive panel discussions designed to enhance your skills and expertise in treasury management. Acquire practical tools, techniques, and strategies to optimise cash flow, manage risks, and drive financial performance in your organization.

Industry Insights
The conference gathers thought leaders, seasoned professionals, and innovators from the treasury and finance sectors who share their expertise and visions for the future.

Thought Leadership
Engage with thought leaders and visionaries shaping the future of corporate treasury management. Hear thought-provoking keynote presentations, participate in thought leadership sessions, and contribute to discussions on emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities facing the industry.

Discover unparalleled opportunities to
elevate your treasury management
skills and stay ahead.


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